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Where is the *!&^!*# bus?

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Seattle Bus provides real-time arrival and departure info for bus stops across the greater Seattle metro area including coming buses/routes, the scheduled time for their arrival, and the wait time until their actual expected arrival.

Seattle Bus allows you to keep favorite stops for quick access, search through all of greater Seattle metro's tracked bus stops, and can even help you locate the nearest stop using iPhone's geolocation.

If you ride the Seattle metro transit on a regular basis, this application is for you. Unfortunately, we don't have access to Sound Transit bus information, so if you ride those busses regularly, this application won't help you.

Find Stops   Bus Info
Choose a stop from your stored favorites, find a stop using iPhone's geolocation, or search a list of bus stops within the greater Seattle metro area   View all scheduled bus arrivals within the next 30 minutes for that stop with real-time info on your expected wait time.

Special thanks:
Adam Parast for providing some insight and incredibly useful geolocation data for Metro's bus stops
Kris Markel for beta testing, feedback, and suggestions on improvements
Gus Mueller for FMDB to make using SQLite fantastically easy